Noémi Domokos is a European actress. She has been working in the film industry for the last 15 years. She speaks fluent American English, German, French and Italian.

Noémi was born in Transylvania, in the middle of nowhere, to a Hungarian father and a Lithuanian mother. She grew up with chicken and dogs running around the garden, the grandmother cooking the whole day and the grandfather producing his own honey and liquor. A very influential person in her early years was her uncle Lehel Domokos, a famous Hungarian artist, who introduced her to the beauty of art when she was a toddler.

  Due to the political reasons under the Ceausescu terror regime the family immigrated to Germany and California when she was five years old. A long period of traveling and moving, changing schools and cities, lead to a restless childhood.  

The ever changing circumstances helped Noémi discover the comforting powers of her phantasy. And thus, she developed her passion for the fine arts. She spent her childhood and teen years reading, writing, dancing classical ballet and performing her own theatrical plays. 

After high school, which felt like prison, Noémi moved to the Alps and did nothing but ski for a whole year, experiencing pure liberty and endless nature. 

After this escape, a well needed inspirational time out in the snow, Noémi was excepted into an acting school and started to appear on stage. Her first theater role was a great success. She played the lead role Helena in William Shakepeare's "Midsummer's Night Dream". 

During acting school Noémi started to work as a model, shooting print and tv campaigns for designers and high end brands. The training in classical ballet gave her a feeling of movement in front of the camera.

Soon she was offered her first film role in the German tv thriller "Die Stimmen" and has been working as an actress ever since. She has played a diverse range of roles and genres.


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